Yacht,  your floating oasis and a significant investment.

SWAT,  a team specially trained and equipped to handle uncommon situations promptly and effectively.


Your solution to a crew crisis.

YachtSWAT was formed in 2006 by a group of licensed Captains, mates and stewardesses to provide emergency and tactical yacht crews to yacht owners world wide.   

Far too often an owner is left in a situation where there is no alternative but to release a crew member or an entire crew while cruising or can even be faced with situations where crew members or entire crews leave the boat unexpectently.

Besides creating a tremendous safety issue, being short-handed onboard or without an entire crew can create a problem for the owners party, onboard guests and insurance liabilities.

YachtSWAT is a short-term/emergency crew team able to augment your existing crew or even replace it in very short order as your individual situation requires.

Skilled Masters ranging from 100T to 1,600GT, First Mates, Deck Hands, Stewardesses, Chefs, Pilots and Security teams in position and able to deploy to your yacht in a matter of hours.